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Where are the LRP application forms?

All LRP application forms are available online at Press the “Apply Here” link to receive a username and password to access the forms. If you need to review the application process before requesting a username and password, see the Application Guide section of the LRP website.

If my grant or award is pending, should I include it on the "Funding Information" form?

Yes. Provide as much information as you can. If it is an NIH grant, indicate the type of award–for example, “K-23.” Then select “pending review” for the award status.

Which grant should I put on my application if my current grant will expire shortly and I will begin receiving a new grant after that?

Apply based on your current grant/award. When your new grant is awarded, send information about the new grant to and fax the Notice of Grant Award to (866) 847-4046.

Who should I list as the “Institutional Contact” in my application?

Your institutional contact is the official at your institution who can verify your base salary and availability of time and resources to conduct your proposed research. An institutional contact can be the dean, associate dean, provost or chancellor of research and sponsored programs; vice president of research or administration; or department chairperson.

What is the “institutional statement assuring research support?”

Your supporting institution will be asked to confirm that it will continue to support your research through the end of your LRP contract. This assurance is provided online.

What information does my supporting institution have to provide to NIH?

For you to participate in an LRP, your institutional contact must certify that:
  1. You will be provided the time and resources to engage in qualifying research for the term of your contract.
  2. You are or will be engaged in the proposed research for at least 50 percent or more of your total level of effort for an average of 20 hours per week during each quarterly service period. That is, during each contract quarter, you must conduct the required research for a minimum of 240 hours (based on a 12-week quarter) or 260 hours (based on a 13-week quarter).
  3. The institution is a domestic nonprofit (exempt under 26 USC 501).
  4. The institution provides your institutional base salary.
  5. You do not receive salary from a for-profit institution/contractor or the federal government for engaging in the research project, but that instead your research is supported by one or more of the following:
    1. Domestic nonprofit foundation, nonprofit professional society, or other nonprofit institution
    2. Local, city, or state agency
    3. Grant from a federal agency
  6. The named research project complies with applicable federal, state, and local laws (e.g., applicable human subject protection regulations) and is not research for which funding is prohibited by federal law.

What is the role of a research supervisor or principal investigator (PI) in the LRP application?

The research supervisor or PI will register and must log into the LRP website to complete the "Assessment of Research Activities" and "Recommendation" forms. The Assessment of Research Activities form allows your supervisor or PI to concur with your research project, provide your training or mentoring plan, and provide detailed information about the lab where you will be conducting research. The supervisor or PI is also asked to provide his/her NIH Biosketch. The Recommendation form allows your supervisor or PI to assess your strengths and weaknesses.

Should I remove extra recommenders from my application?

No. Three recommendation forms must be submitted online, but incomplete recommendations will not adversely impact your application.

If I am applying to the Clinical or Pediatric Research LRP, will I be allowed to select which institute or center (IC) peer reviews my application?

Yes. You will have the opportunity to specify which IC(s) you prefer to peer review your application or specify which IC(s) you do not wish to peer review your application. You will find this information on the submission page of the application.

It is important to note that ICs have different programmatic priorities and preferences. Applicants are encouraged to examine ICs programmatic priorities and preferences, available on the IC Contact Us. Doing so will guide your referral preference to the most appropriate ICs.

How can I tell if my application is complete?

The Application Status Page of your online application allows you to track the status of all the colleague forms, faxed documents, and your contract. Once all forms and documents have a solid green circle (received, submitted, or approved), then your application is complete. We recommend that you check this page frequently after the application deadline to make certain your colleagues complete their forms.

What if my recommenders, research supervisor, or institutional contact have not completed their forms?

If it is prior to their deadline (December 1), then you will be able to send them a reminder by clicking on the "Send Request Again" button by their name. If it is after their deadline, then your application is incomplete and will not move forward for review.

What happens if I miss the application deadline?

If you miss the deadline, you must wait until the next annual application cycle to apply. Generally, the application cycle is open from September 1-November 15 each year.

When I print my application forms the margin is cut off. How do I correct that?

The Print Application button on the Application Status page allows you to generate a PDF of your complete application. You can save this document to your computer and/or print it. However, if you want to print each page as you complete it and are having problems with it cutting off the text, change your printing orientation in "page setup" from portrait to landscape to print the complete form.

How do I upload a replacement Research Project document?

Until you submit the research activities form, you can upload replacement documents. However, the research activities form is locked once you submit it. Your research supervisor or PI has access to review that form and approve it-or upload a replacement file. An alternative is for your PI to approve a revised form and forward it to for uploading.

May I submit application forms by e-mail or fax?

No. The LRP application process requires that all forms (including recommendations) be completed online. If any supplemental, supporting documentation must be mailed or faxed to the NIH Division of Loan Repayment (DLR), you will be instructed when, where, and how to submit it.

Can I fax my contract?

No, the NIH LRP contract is a legal document and therefore you must mail the signed original document. Do not include any extraneous marks on this document. Please note that it may take two weeks for us to receive the contract and update your application status.

How do I join the LRP listserv to receive LRP updates via e-mail?

Sign up for the LRP listserv here: NIH LRP Listserv.

Date Last Updated: July 23, 2014

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