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Qualifying and Managing Loans for Repayment

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Qualifying and Managing Loans for Repayment

Which loans qualify for loan repayment?

Loans qualify for repayment if they are issued by any U. S. government (federal, state, or local) entity, accredited U.S. academic institution(s), and/or commercial lender(s) that are subject to examination and supervision in their capacity as lending institutions by an agency of the United States or the state in which the lender has its principal place of business. Loans must have been used for school tuition or other reasonable educational or living expenses (including room/board and transportation) while attending undergraduate, graduate, medical, dental, or veterinary schools. To be eligible for LRP repayment, loans cannot be consolidated with any loans issued to another individual, such as a spouse or child, or with non-educational loans. See the section about Qualified Educational Debt for more information.

Do consolidated student loans qualify?

Yes, student loans can be consolidated at any time. Consolidation can save you interest expenses and streamline the management of your debts. However, it is extremely important to not consolidate your student loans with either those of another individual (such as a spouse or child), or non-educational loans. If you consolidate your student loans into a home equity loan or personal loan, they will be ineligible for repayments through the LRPs.

Why aren’t loans consolidated with another individual eligible for repayment?

When a joint consolidation loan is entered into, both borrowers become jointly and severally liable for the repayment of the full amount of the loan. There is no statutory authority to allow one of the borrowers to assume the entire joint consolidation debt or for the borrowers to separate the joint consolidation loan into separate individual loans. Therefore, joint consolidation loans cannot become eligible for the Loan Repayment Programs.

I consolidated my student loans. What now?

If you have been approved for LRP payments or are a participant, after consolidating your loans you must provide NIH with the following: a disclosure statement from your new lender, to include (1) the loan(s) paid off in the consolidation, (2) the name(s) of the prior lender(s), and (3) the total amount paid for the loan(s). You must also provide a current balance statement from your new lender, showing the payoff amount of your consolidated loan(s), and a loan data verification (LDV) form, completed and signed. The LDV form is provided by the NIH Division of Loan Repayment (DLR), which administers the extramural LRPs.

My application has been selected for further review, what information about my loans do I need to provide to the LRP?

The LRP requires that you provide a promissory note, account statement and an NSLDS report for each loan you have listed in your application. There is a Loan Document Tutorial,, available for your review. Please remember that you should not send any loan information to the LRP until it is requested.

How are LRP payments calculated? What will my payments be?

Payment projections are based on your repayable debt calculated at the start of your LRP contract. The LRP sets the quarterly payment amount based on an annual rate of 25 percent of repayable debt (up to a maximum of $35,000 per annum, or $8,750 per quarter).

I received an e-mail notifying me that a payment from the LRP was sent to my lender. What should I do now?

Whenever an LRP payment is sent to your lender, DLR sends you an e-mail notification with instructions for payment verification. Wait at least 10 business days before contacting your lender for a verification statement. Send the verification by fax to DLR at (866) 849-4046. The LRP office will release your next payment only if it has received verification of the prior payment.

Date Last Updated: July 23, 2012

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